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Who Am I?


What I've Done

Hard Surface Modeling

Autodesk Maya

Texture Painting and Lighting

Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya


Adobe Photoshop, The Foundry's NUKE

High Resolution Modeling


Environment Modeling

Unreal Development Kit

Specialty Space Planning

KCD Software


Who I Am

  • This is the airplane I helped to design in my sophomore year for the Design Build Fly competition in Wichita, Kansas.


    Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland

    My first go at getting the ideas cultured from a childhood of wonder and creativity into a tangible format came with my admission to the University of Maryland for a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I learned far more than I thought possible, about design, my work style, and even a bit about fluid dynamics and calculus.

  • 2007-2011


    Romance brought me here, but the beauty and vibrancy of West Michigan and its people kept me here. I got my affairs in order and kept learning, preparing for the next phase of my journey.

  • 2011-2014

    Game Art at Full Sail University

    I enrolled in Full Sail to satisfy the artistic itch that demanded the designs get out of my brain. I chose to specialize in Game Art, but found I enjoyed compositing, hard surface modeling, and crafting environments from scratch.

  • 2014 to Present


    I began working in the specialty storage design industry in October 2014, and have continued my education through resources like Free Code Camp to move into the technical artist and engineering space. I'm excited to see how my interests and knowledge continue to evolve!


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